Not just another event, we handle in person experiences!

Office Hours: M - Th 9 am - 5 pm

Not just another event, we handle in person experiences!

Office Hours: M - Th 9 am - 5 pm

+1 (904) 878-8122


Our Mission

Our commitment to providing excellent service extends far beyond celebrations and events. We created a community youth development program by partnering with the non-profit Developed 2 Overcome to teach communication and leadership skills to high school students across Northeast Florida (starting at 15 years old). In turn, jobs are available within our company to provide students with their first work experience and continued mentorship program. 
Inquire here to learn more: moc.gniffatsuoytuoballa%40ofni.

Service Donation Request

We enjoy collaborating with small businesses and non-profits across Northeast Florida for their fundraiser events! 
For questions about our commitment to philanthropy, please click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), displayed below.

Previous Charity Partners

    Boys and Girls Club
    United Way
    Fostering Connections
    Extraordinary Men of Jax

Donation Service Request

We grant donation requests once a quarter and will check based on availability and event size. If we are unable to donate services, you may receive a partial donation amount in exchange for an in-kind sponsor mention/package. Please allow at least 7-10 days for our team to review and advise approval.

Previous Community Projects

Check out a couple of our previous non-profit collaborations listed below. We enjoy helping businesses and non-profits across Northeast Florida!

904 Boss Babes

Bartenders for Non-Profit

Once a quarter, AAYS provides volunteer bartending service to support local charity fundraisers. 
Non-Profit Requirements: ● Provide proof of 501(c)3 status● Provide or purchase alcohol and bar supplies● Advance request (3 months minimum)

Non-profits we serviced:AngelwoodJacksonville Historical SocietyExtraordinary Men of JaxPropeller ClubClara White Mission


Professional Development

We partner with Developed 2 Overcome to assist the students of The Clara White Mission and other organizations to teach professional development skills. 

Developed 2 Overcome


Frontline Foods

During the COVID-19 impact All About You Staffing (AAYS) assisted with the Frontline Foods (FLF) initiative. As restaurant sales declined, FLF provided financial relief to small businesses and helped boost morale among our healthcare workers. 
AAYS provided delivery services and managed logistics & social media. 

Action News Story

Frequent Asked Questions

  • Do you have to be a 501c3 to submit a request?

    No. It will help approve your award but is not a requirement. We collaborate with companies that may provide marketing exposure instead of a tax-exempt donation receipt. 

  • How often are the donation requests approved?

    We approve one event per quarter. It is best to submit the request at least 3 months in advance. Your company or non-profit organization may only receive one donation request per a rolling 12 month period.

  • What information is evaluated to receive the donation?

    We will review the mission of the event, the marketing, and if you have received a donation within 12 months of the previous request.

  • What type of events receive donations?

    All events types such as Fundraisers, Festivals, and more!

  • What happens if the request is cancelled?

    Once the donation is approved, it limits the availability of our staff for other clients. Therefore it is imperative that sufficient notice is received in advance. Please provide at least 30 days notice of a cancellation or postponement. Cancellations received less than 30 days, may provide an ineligible status for future donation requests.

  • Will AAYS offer cross-promotion of the event?

    We can assist with cross promotion to our audience. It will be approved based on marketing materials and sponsorship details.