Community Projects

Our commitment to excellent service extends far beyond events. Check out a couple of our current non-profit collaborations below. We enjoy helping businesses and non-profits across Northeast Florida!


Frontline Foods

During the COVID-19 impact All About You Staffing (AAYS) assisted with the Frontline Foods (FLF) initiative. As restaurant sales declined, FLF provided financial relief to small businesses and helped boost morale among our healthcare workers. 
AAYS provided delivery services and managed logistics & social media. 

904 Boss Babes

Bartenders for Non-Profit

Once a quarter, AAYS provides volunteer bartending service to support local charity fundraisers. 
Non-Profit Requirements: ● Provide proof of 501(c)3 status● Provide or purchase alcohol and bar supplies● Advance request (3 months minimum)


Professional Development

Members of All About You Staffing (AAYS) assist the students of The Clara White Mission with professional development opportunities. 

Schedule a call with our Operations Manager to inquire about collaboration opportunities.